Vogue Williams exercises to improve her physical fitness and mental health

Irish model and reality star Vogue Williams says her fitness routine is important for her physical wellbeing and her mental health.

Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams says exercise is important for her because it improves her mental and physical wellbeing.

The 37-year-old Irish model hits the gym almost every day and as well as feeling the benefits in her body, being active also improves her mental health, so she would advocate exercise for anyone struggling with issues.

In an interview with Waterford Live, Vogue said: "I love training, that’s really good for me. I train almost every day, I love it, but not for long periods – and some days I might just go for a long walk. I just think being outside, being relaxed [is helpful]. That’s why I love running so much, because you’re not really thinking of anything except trying to get to the end of the run.

“I’m a real advocate for people getting out and getting moving. I don’t necessarily think that you should look at training as just to look after your body – of course it’s great for your body, but it’s so good for your mind. And it’s such a nice thing to get into, and once you’re into it, you love it."

Vogue - who has three children, Theodore, four, Gigi, two, and 11-month-old Otto, with her husband Spencer Matthews - has suffered with anxiety in the past, but she has the condition under control now.

The reality TV star finds that if she limits her intake of alcohol and caffeine then her anxiety is much eased.

Vogue - who hosts a podcast with her 34-year-old spouse Spencer - explained: "I’m all good with [the anxiety] at the moment. It sort of peeks its head up every so often, but I’ve got good ways of dealing with it. I find not drinking too much caffeine and not drinking too much alcohol – alcohol is the worst for me.

“I do still love going out the odd time, but I tend to knock it on the head for weeks on end. I’ve always been like that with alcohol, I’ve never really drank very often, but I find that really can make you feel quite anxious.”

"There are a few things I love doing that will actually relax me. And it’s not just when I’m unwinding. So if I’m doing my podcast – I find it very relaxing to record my podcast, but I’ll always have a candle beside me on my desk and have a really nice set-up, so it’s a really relaxing environment to sit and chat to my friend."


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