Anne-Marie used to eat nothing but cheese spread sandwiches

Pop star Anne-Marie has had a "weird relationship" with food and used to eat nothing but cheese spread sandwiches before she started touring.


Anne-Marie has had a "weird relationship" with food.

The 32-year-old pop star prompted her parents to seek medical attention when she was young after she decided to live off cheese spread sandwiches and was hesitant to try anything else because she has such a "phobia" of throwing up.

Speaking on the 'Table Manners' podcast, she told hosts Jessie and Lennie Ware: "Me and food have had a weird relationship. So, from young I have eaten just sandwiches. I grew up on sandwiches. I love sandwiches - they are the best things ever. And my mum and dad actually went to the doctors about it once because I would just eat sandwiches, and bread.

"So the doctor asked if I was growing okay, they said yeah. Mostly it was Philadelphia cheese, that was it. But for breakfast, I'd have peanut butter on toast and for dinner I'd have two Philadelphia cheese sandwiches. Nothing else. So, after that phase happened I started eating chicken and prawns, they were my boundaries but I think this all happened because I have a phobia of sick so I was scared to put anything in my mouth that I thought would make me sick or vomit. I've got a phobia of that so I was always a bit weird around food."

However, the '2002' hitmaker went on to explain that things came to a head when she began to feel "out of place" when socializing with her touring crew and ended up eliminating just about everything after watching a documentary on health before forcing herself to incorporate a healthier balance of foods into her diet.

She added: "And when I started touring, I felt so out of place because everyone was going out to meals and I felt a bit weird. But then I watched a documentary called 'What the Health' and I went vegan after that. I was like 'Why am I putting food in my body that I don't need?' And I only ate chicken and prawns so it wasn't as if I was removing things.

"But the problem was, I wasn't eating any vegetables! So I removed everything - even Philadelphia cheese and I was eating bread, and peanut butter on toast and then I gradually forced myself to eat every vegetables and now I love vegetables. I was vegan for four or five years and then I ate Philadelphia one day and decided I couldn't do it anymore."


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