Katie Price can't use phone's facial recognition after surgery

Katie Price has admitted facial recognition on her phone no longer works after she underwent a series of cosmetic procedures including a nose job and a lip lift

Katie Price 

Katie Price can no longer use facial recognition on her phone after her latest round of surgery.

The 45-year-old former glamour model recently jetted to Turkey to get a lip lift and Botox and she ended up having a nose job as well - and she's now admitted the post-op swelling means she can no longer use her face to access features on her phone and is having to use her pin number instead.

Speaking on her 'The Katie Price Show' podcast, she explained: "It looks like I've got two black eyes at the moment 'cos I've had my nose done ... I took my cast off yesterday and I've still got stitches in there ... but my nose is so swollen still ...

"The funny thing about it is. You know on my phone when you get apps and there's face recognition, it's not recognising my face any more.

"I'm having to keep putting the pin in. I thought it goes on your eye balls not your whole face ... I've got a password but the point is I don't think my nose looks any different - which means it's a good nose job - but it doesn't recognise my face and it's really p****** me off ... "

Katie went on to explain she ended up having more surgery than she originally planned, adding: "When I went to Turkey, underneath the nose I wanted a lip lift.

"You know when people get their lips done, this is a different way where they cut under your nose and lift your lip. But the scar was horrific, so I had the scar redone and at the same time, I said you might as well give me a nose job because I thought it looked a bit wonky where they ballsed it up.

"But I can’t see any difference with my nose at the minute. But it’s still swollen and I’ve got stitches inside.”

Katie has undergone numerous rounds of cosmetic surgeries over the years including 16 boob jobs, several face lifts and veneers on her teeth.

After having her latest round of procedure, Katie declared she's looking pretty good for her age. In a post on Instagram, she wrote: "Oh my God I've just had my anti-wrinkles done. My new lips done, and I've got my new nose. I'm feeling refreshed. Not bad for 45."

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