Picture This


RELEASE: 19.01.2024


LISTEN HERE: https://open.spotify.com/album/0cDD4yvNsLL9eermbxEngG



Get ready for "Act of Innocence," the latest single from Picture This, hitting the airwaves on January 19th. 


Following a series of hit releases, this fresh track dives into the thrilling world of young love.

"Act of Innocence" is all about the intense feelings of first love - it's real, raw, and a bit naive. The song captures those moments when someone you love fills your every thought and you just can't get enough of them. It also looks at how we sometimes mess up things we care about, especially relationships, and how we rely on our partners to help keep things on track.


This is more than just a song; it's an anthem for all kinds of relationships, celebrating the deep connection between partners. Picture This has once again created a tune that anyone who's loved will feel in their heart.

"Act of Innocence" promises to be a hit for lovers and music fans alike. Stay tuned for this emotional and powerful release.



I wanna catch the butterflies you’re feeling 
I wanna dance until we can’t no more
I wanna be the alibi you’re needing
I wanna lay beside you on the floor
I wanna be the exit when you’re leaving
I wanna love you like this forevermore

I wanna take the pink in your complexion
I wanna paint it all over the walls
I wanna take the future you’re expecting
I wanna make it elegantly yours
I wanna find the beauty in the wreckage
I wanna love you like this forevermore

So don’t you let me let you slip out of my hands
In some kind of act of Act Of Innocence

I wanna bathe in all the tears you’re crying
(Tears your crying)
I wanna make em part of my charm
(My charm)
You know my baby I would die trying
(Die trying)
Trying to find a space in your arms
(Space in your arms)
I wanna stay beautiful and silent
(Beautiful and silent)
I wanna love you like this forevermore

I wanna ca ca ca carry all your burdens
I wanna put ‘em up on my back
Beside the world I got on my shoulders
But don’t you worry don’t you worry bout that
Just let the light come on in from the curtains
Just let me love you like this forevermore

Don’t you let me let you slip out of my hands
In some kind of act of Act Of Innocence
Don’t you let me let you let this ever end
In some kind of act of Act Of Innocence

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