Pierce Brosnan has a warehouse full of suits

Former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan keeps his vast collection of suits stored in a warehouse because he now lives a more laidback lifestyle and prefers to dress in T-shirts

Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan keeps his vast collection of suits stored in a warehouse because he now prefers T-shirts.

The former James Bond has amassed a huge number of tailored outfits over the years, but he rarely wears them now as he prefers a laidback look when he's hanging out at home in Malibu, California or in Hawaii - so the suits have all been put away in a large storage facility.

He told the Sunday Times Style magazine: "I never used to [wear T-shirts] ... So much of my work persona has been that of style and suits, but now it's T-shirts. I adore them. We live in Malibu and Hawaii, and you want to assimilate. You don't want to stand out.

"When you're younger, you do, but as you get older you wear clothes that you appreciate and feel good on you."

However, the suits may still get another lease of life because Pierce's model son Paris is keen to inherit them. Pierce added: "We keep talking about going down to the storage unit [to pass the suits on to Paris]."

Paris added: "A lot of my favourite pieces are hand-me-downs from dad ... I took style inspiration from him. Looking at photos of him in the nineties, it was super-cool to see how his style evolved. Comfort is key now."

Pierce and Paris have been fronting fashion campaigns together for Paul Shark with the pair shooting commercials together for the band in France and Italy to showcase "water-resistant Italian cashmere, fine wool knitwear and shirts in soft cotton".

A statement from the brand about the pair's second campaign explained: "The second chapter of the story of a journey between father and son, to discover the Italian beauties, between the Tuscan hills and the paths of a small village. A tale that is an ode to the bond shared between generations, by immortalising the spontaneity of small gestures: walking through narrow streets together, playing cards, enjoying the beauty of outdoor life and a close embrace."

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