'It's disgusting!' Trisha Paytas slams Colleen Ballinger

Trisha Paytas has slammed Colleen Ballinger as the "lowest form of human" for allegedly sharing her explicit photos with minors.

Trisha Paytas

Trisha Paytas has slammed Colleen Ballinger as the "lowest form of human" for allegedly sharing her explicit photos with minors.

The 35-year-old vlogger used to make risqué content for adult subscribers on OnlyFans but when it was alleged through a series of screenshotted text messages that her fellow YouTube star Colleen Ballinger - who is also known as MirandaSings - had been sharing those images with her underage fans just days after she was accused of "grooming" them in unearthed messages, she has decided to speak out on the situation because of the "stigma" that already surrounds sex workers.

After Colleen wrote a song denying all the allegations, Trisha responded in her own YouTube video in which she said: "Her video came out and I was just shocked, to say the least that she didn't at least acknowledge that her own fans are saying and how they felt...to kind of brush it over in the way she did. Now it becomes light-hearted even though it's not a light-hearted video, I was shocked. She sent me the link and I didn't respond back to it because I was shocked.

"Weeks prior to the apology video, we were staying in touch because I know what it feels like to have the whole internet come down on you. I struggle with mental health issues and I know what that feels like. I don't want anyone guilty or not to feel like they don't have a way out of a situation or make it right but when I got involved with this, it was a few weeks ago and two boys both, one I believe was 20 at the time and one who was 14 at the time - but the 14-year-old is alleged because I didn't speak about this because I didn't see anything - it's a very serious allegation and very illegal. I hate putting any energy to this but it's very, very serious.

"And it's a topic I don't take lightly and I can't take lightly as I am a full-time sex worker, that's not a secret. It's not as advertised as it once was but we already have a lot of stigma, misconceptions and allegations against us as sex workers so I need to nip this in the bud so I do not condone at all unsolicited nudes sending anywhere of anybody, sex worker or not. "Using someone's nudes as a way to hurt them, make fun of them or make light of them is the lowest form of human, the lowest form of intelligence, I think that's so inhumane and so disgusting for anyone.

"I get made fun of all the time for my body, for my nudes. While I'm thankful for most of them, it's hearing all that underneath the photo about my body just being messed up or disgusting. It's a lot. Yes, I'm a sex worker and yes I chose this job and yes I make money but it never feels good to have someone make fun of your body. It is embarrassing, but I'm more embarrassed for her. But this is the kind of person she is. Sending these to fans unsolicited, the context of which she was sending these, I don't get the purpose, I don't know if there was an inside joke that I'm missing on this ."

Trisha - who has 10-month-old daughter Malibu Barbie with husband Moses Hacmon, whilst Colleen has Flynn, five, and 20-month-old twins Wesley and Maisy with husband Erik Stocklin - went on to state that Colleen had dismissed the accusations as "lies" and has been left "confused" by the supposed evidence put forward and was left "triggered" when the text messages came out.

Colleen - who is said to have interacted with fans as young as 13 and exchanged inappropriate messages with them - is also accused of having held "viewing parties" for Trisha's adult content and the former 'Celebrity Big Brother' star went on to insist that she did not "condone" any of the alleged behaviour and apologised to the victim should the evidence turn out to be correct.

Trisha added: "This was someone well into their 30s, just gave birth, sending nudes and a month prior I was in her house meeting her child. In these texts, there's also friends of hers, they showed up at the viewing parties that were talked about to make fun of me.

"They did viewing parties of my adult content to make fun of me. It's a lot. It wasn't just one occasion, it was multiple times that she sent different photos of me in different positions. I did ask her about these a couple of weeks ago before there was the proof, so to speak, and she assured me that she had never sent photos of me and this one fan who was underage at the time would send photos to her.

"She was like, 'No, he was a fan, he sent photos to me and once in a while I'd respond to me'. That's what he told me a couple of weeks ago. She said everything had been taken out of context, like 'These are lies' and being as I was like her friend and knew her as a person, I was trusting her I guess because I knew her in real life. I guess that's why there's that whole innocent until proven guilty thing.

"I can understand people gossiping but I don't understand those texts, I don't get them at all. I look at them and I'm like so confused. Okay, I'm the joke, maybe my body is the joke. It's very odd. I was like 'Hey, you know, if you've talked crap about me then that's fine' but she vehemently denied sending pictures of me. The texts came out last night and my heart started racing, I was triggered. I haven't been triggered in a while but I was triggered. I was sick to my stomach and seeing stuff like that is the worst I've seen from someone who I've considered a friend. It was pretty barbaric, it's pretty misogynistic and it's downright cruel. It's a low, low, level of a person to say that stuff, and again this isn't years ago.

"I am so sorry to that person if that is true, I know first-hand how traumatising that can be. I had nothing to do with this, I do not condone it. I think it is the most disgusting thing and above all else, illegal. I still think it's disgusting, a grown woman in her thirties doing this to a woman who has been in their house and been around their family. You have some issues, it's a sickness. I don't think this is jumping on a hate bandwagon, maybe she doesn't get what she did was wrong. We need to keep talking about this because this is really wrong, this is really gross and it's also unsolicited nudes. No one was asking for this, she said they were taken out of context but I don't get the inside joke."

Trisha went on to describe Colleen's music video as "not an apology" as she claimed it took away from the "severity" of her alleged actions and vowed to never speak to her again.

The blonde said: "Her video was not an apology and it took away from the severity of her actions of talking to minors, and bringing minors on stage at her show, these people are speaking up and they're uncomfortable for a reason.

"Acknowledge it, change it, do better but being told she never sent these photos, I feel super disrespected. At least be honest about it to show some accountability but I don't stand by her, I am embarrassed to be associated with her. I'm embarrassed for the fans that she messaged those to.

"That should never have happened. This really hurts sex workers as a whole and it looks like we're some deviants because we're used this way. It's disgusting!

"Yes I'm a sex worker, but a lot of those images are behind a paywall, one that requires someone to be 18 and over and that's it. That is my statement on it, I'm not going to speak on this again. I will never speak on Colleen again. She does not exist to me anymore. This is not me cancelling her, she'll always be around, she'll be fine, I'm just disavowing any association I have with her."

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